Rethinking the history and context of industry: Artist in residence program in Casa Poli, Chile

img_2361Presentcion of KURS works at School of Visual Arts of Universidad de Concepción.

At the invitation of the curator Ignacio Szmulewicz, in collaboration with Casa Poli, residency program (Oscar Concha & Leslie Fernández) / MA Art and Heritage and School of Visual Arts of Universidad de Concepción.

The aim of this visit was to iniciate a project consisting of a collaborative investigation process within the community Tomé, located in the south of Chile- where great transformations are taking part regarding the industrial scene, affecting the history of the city and the zone. The factory Bellavista Oveja Tomé is transitioning towards its consolidation as cultural heritage and possible cultural center, also converging with the changes product of the 2010’s earthquake. In this context, the collective was invited to explore the city and create a project using the artistic tools (archive, investigations, interviews and performance) to ponder about the territory’s present situation.

img_2248Factory Bellavista Oveja Tomé

img_20170412_112749Visit of Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende, Santiago de Chile