kurs borbaMiloš Miletić and Mirjana Radovanović jointly practice visual art and research as KURS. In their work they explore how artistic practice can contribute to (and become an integral part of) various social struggles. They often use archival material as a starting point, combined with revolutionary poetry/prose and the visual language of progressive movements from the past. Most often they produce murals, illustrations and various printed materials (newspapers, posters, graphics). They are guided by the idea that the content they produce should be didactic and accessible to the wider public. KURS advocates the democratization of the means of artistic production and strives to include the broader population in the process of creating and designing artistic interventions. They believe that the field of art can and should be part of a political struggle for a more equal society.

Other members: Tanja Uverić and Jelena Grujičić.