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Selection of murals of KURS

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Mural solidarnosti
Sorry, this entry is only available in Srpsko-hrvatski.
What Do We Know About Solidarity? – (Im)Possible examples from the past
What Do We Know About Solidarity? - (Im)Possible examples from the past is an artwork within The Lasting Effect exhibition in Ramallah, a part of Qalandiya International Biennale in Palestine. The work is comprised of a mural in the historical part of Ramallah and Wall Newspaper.
Solidarity – To The International Brigades
KURS and Spanish Fighters Association 1936-1939 launched a joint initiative in 2016 for painting a mural to celebrate the 80th anniversary of founding of the International Brigades in Spain. In the defense of Spanish Republic, 35-40,000 interbrigadists, volunteers of freedom from more than fifty countries from all parts of the world participated. In this, historically […]
BLOK curators’ collective from Zagreb, invited KURS to take part in Urban Festival 13. Within the festival, KURS painted the mural in the factory ITAS-Prvomajska By painting a mural at ITAS Prvomajska factory in Ivanec, we primarily wanted to support the workers’ organization and struggle, which resists the logic of the market and the interests […]
Mural 20th of October
Mural “20th of October” is painted to commemorate the seventy years of liberation of Belgrade. The occupation of the capital of Yugoslavia was ended after 1287 days. The mural is painted on the facade of the Institute for Mental Health in the city center. Besides recording a significant date in our history, the mural 20th […]
Fight, Knowledge, Equality
On the fourth of April, 2014 KURS association presented the mural titled Fight, Knowledge, Equality at Gospodar Jevremova street No. 31 About the mural Fight, Knowledge, Equality After conducted the research of the history of Belgrade murals in 2011/12 the most important conclusions was that there were neither left oriented nor murals which depicted the […]
Unexpected Encounters
In September 2013  Kontekst collective from Belgrade invited KURS to take part at the show Unexpected Encounters in the gallery Camera Austria in Graz. The exhibition was part of the festival Styrian Autumn (Steirischer herbst 2013) together with 0gms from Sofia (Bulgaria) and collective Beirut from Cairo (Egypt). In this exhibition KURS made visual intervention […]
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