Mural 20th of October

mural 20. oktobar
Mural “20th of October” is painted to commemorate the seventy years of liberation of Belgrade. The occupation of the capital of Yugoslavia was ended after 1287 days.
The mural is painted on the facade of the Institute for Mental Health in the city center.

Besides recording a significant date in our history, the mural 20th of October should remind us of a long struggle led by the progressive social forces for freedom and egalitarian society. Today the effects of this struggle gradually disappear from our field of vision, but they are still worth reminding if we want to create a society fit for an ordinary man.

About the sketch:
All the material used in the making of the mural is archival material associated with “Belgrade Offensive” (the liberation plan). The top of the sketch is illustration based on the map of Belgrade Offensive. A central position occupies the illustration made from the photography in which citizens celebrate liberation. In the bottom of the composition is the quote of Jovo Kasalica, one of the fighters: “We occupied entrance by entrance, building by building. In that helped us brave residents of the street, who escorted combatants through the courtyards and basements of buildings.”

Mural is supported by Ministry of Culutre and Information.
KURS thanks the Municipality of Stari grad and the Institute of Mental Health.