Notes on Struggle

“Do not lead the revolution to write songs about them. Both songs and revolutions are born in order to preserve the dignity of man, his basic human right to peace, freedom and creativity.” Juro Kaštelan

The “Notes on Struggle” is the collective artwork of the KURS and Bojan Krivokapić. The work addresses some of the most pressing social problems of contemporary society. Inspired by the work of Partisan printing houses and Partizan Zdravljica from 1944, which was printed in Illegal printing in Trilof, the work tries to combine aesthetic experience with the political for the collective struggle.

Combining the prose of writer Bojan Krivokapic, revolutionary poetry of authors from former Yugoslavia and illustrations of KURS creates a connection between different art practices and historical moments. Although these moments define different historical contexts, the demands manifested in various social struggles of the 19th and early 20th century are now re-actualized.

This work indicates the potential of collective thinking and commitment to a better and more equal society and considering the filed of art and culture as fields od struggle, emancipation and education.

The work was carried out after the Artist in Residence program, within the framework of the exhibition “Art matters, but art is not enough”, Celeia Institute – Center for Contemporary Arts in Celje, Slovenia; curator Mirjana Dragosavljević.