Travelling Communiqué

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Travelling Communiqué

The Travelling Communiqué project is informed by the idea that the collective statement articulated as a call for a new kind of internationalism by the 25 delegates of the first Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Belgrade, September 1961, remains unanswered. Travelling Communiqué does not aspire to celebrate the histories and geographies of the Cold War and the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement). Instead, it enquires into the possibilities of ‘prolonging’ the formation of the NAM into the social conditions of the present. The NAM can be understood as a third space of emancipation that sought to unsettle the bipolar world order through a wide variety of anti-colonial thinking. The Travelling Communiqué is an attempt to understand the process of becoming a political subject, initiated by those without names whose voices exist despite the efforts to silence them.

Travelling Communiqué is a durational project that relies on common authorship. It is curated by Armin Linke (Italy/Germany), Doreen Mende (Germany) and Milica Tomić (born in former Yugoslavia) in permanent discussion with Yero Adugna Eticha (Ethiopia), Kader Attia (Algeria/France), and Fabian Bechtle (Germany).

Curator:Armin Linke, Doreen Mende, Milica Tomić

Cast: Mirjana Dragosavljević, Milica Tomić

Camera:Miloš Miletić

Sound:Miloš Miletić

Editing:Mirjana Radovanović

Interview:Miloš Miletić