Remembering Work as Political Sovereignty

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Vanessa Vasić-Janeković

Vanessa Vasić-Janeković works in the intersections of art, theory and activism, researching and articulating registers and distribution of tensions inherent to knowledge production hierarchies and their economic underpinnings. Vanessa has covered all of the major 1990s conflicts, reporting on the existence of the camps in Bosnia and covering the war crimes trials for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. She is the author of text for the 6th number of Wall-news Papers entitled “Crveno na crno” (Red on black).

Lecture Remembering Work as Political Sovereignty held in the Museum of Yugoslav History as part of the program Politics of Memory, Department of Fine Art – Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Camera: Miloš Miletić
Sound:Miloš Miletić
Editing:Miloš Miletić